The Hotdog

Whenever you think of a hot dog sandwich; ketchup, mustard, and relish are the only condiments which come to mind, right? Well they don’t have to be! Here at Wazzup Dog, you can add much more! Forget the classic taste of hot dogs and add these tasty ingredients for a daring and scrumptious experience. Click here for more.

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Tomatoes: for that mouth-watering, sweet taste.

Onions: if you are an onion lover, kudos to you! You know what’s good for your health.

Lettuce: add some lettuce and enjoy that soft crunch.

Crunchy chips: this one is a must!

Jalapenos: if you dare!

Sweet corn: a delightful taste with each bite.

Mayonnaise: are you one of those classics who think mayo is just for hamburgers? Change is good. Try adding it to our hot dogs and experience a new taste of hot dogs.

Cheese: oozing melted cheese makes everything taste better!

Add one or two; or be bold and add them all! Once you do, you’ll never want to have a bland old hot dog ever again. That’s a promise we guarantee!